Professional Services

Tired of the endless tedium of updating your materials? Are you sick of ever changing industry formatting standards and having to spend hours updating? Do you want a professional press kit, but don't have an agent to do it for you just yet?

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Introducing a new line of professional services for the busy freelance classical singer! As your peer, I understand that time and money isn't something we always have in abundance. Let me help you get the professional edge without the price tag.

  • Resume building and updating - professional, clear, easy to read and up to date, starting at $20
  • Bios - includes a long bio for your website AND a shorter one for programs, starting at $20
  • Full press kit - (BEST VALUE) standard bio, resume and press combination for professional auditions, starting at $35
  • Website building and updating - having an updated website is critical for any singer; SquareSpace, Wix, and other platforms available, building starts at $75, updating at $60
  • Career counseling* - fresh out of grad school and don't know where to start? Want to up your social media presence? Curious which YAPs to apply to? Which companies are worth singing for? Let me help you focus your efforts and save you time and money. "The peer-to-peer element reinforces the idea that growth as a musician involves a continual exchange of learning and ideas with colleagues."            -Harry Haskell, Carnegie Hall Blog, 2017

Venmo and PayPal accepted. Rush orders available for last minute needs. 

Orders are GUARANTEED by your deadline or your money back. 

Order HERE to guarantee delivery in time for YAP deadlines! 


*Career counseling services require a standard non-disclosure agreement for your protection.